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CAP news

  • January 2023: Interview with James Helliwell of Real Visionon on Sustainable Farming and the focus on highly available naturally replenishing water: Real Vision - Farmland investing interview

  • February 2020: Interview with Proactive Investors regarding the targeted $300 IPO on the London Stock Exchange on 25 Febraury 2020 for the Global Sustainable farmland Income Trust PLC: Proactive Investors - Farm interview

  • December 2019: The Financial Times reports on the publication of the prospectus and targeted $300 IPO on the London Stock Exchange in February 2020 for the Global Sustainable farmland Income Trust PLC: Financial Times article

  • December 2019: CAP publishes the prospectus to the Global Sustainable Farmland Incoe Trust plc, preparing the IPO on the London Stock Exchange's Main Market in Ferbuary 2020 of this Investment trust purchasing global farmland with delegated operational risk. The Investment Trust's website is accessible here Farm-ln.com

  • December 2018: CAP launches the Govies Factory Managed Account program, a government bond futures discretionary trading strategy on Interactive Brokers.

  • May 2018: CAP launches the Falco Investments LP, a UK AIF investing in Real Estate loans in partnership with Falco Capital.

  • April 2018: CAP varies its permissions with the FCA to become AIFM.

  • September 2017: CAP launches the Masayume UCITS with the first two cells. Masayume Reflex is a discretionary Futures trading fund based on the 12 years of track record in a Cayman hedge fund. Masayume Marathon is a capital preservation diversified fund relying on Roberto Falzoni's 30 years of managing succesfully clients' money.

  • January 2016: Coast Freehold Income Fund ends the year up 18.00%.

  • March 2015: CAP’s Sven Miserey creates a course on hedge fund legends’ investment methods for the Trading HD financial education site.

  • June 2014: CAP Director on Dukascopy TV presenting alternative investments:

  • May 2014: Coast Freehold Income Fund changes Administrator and Trustees to Sanne Jersey.

  • October 2012: JFSC Authorises the Coast Freehold Income Fund.

  • September 2012: CAP submits Prospectus of the Coast Freehold Income Fund to the Jersey Financial Services Commission for Authorisation.

  • May 2012: CAP hosts the launch period for Northlight Fundamental European Credit Fund.

  • January 2011: CAP Hosts Allenbridge Ltd and AllenbridgeEPIC Investment Advisers.

  • April 2010: CAP to hand over to Close Asset Management the EFA Allenbridge Strategic Alpha Fund.

  • December 2010: CAP acts as an expert witness in a legal case.

  • November 2010: FSA grants CAP the right to act as Sole Director of ICVCs (ACD).

  • July 2010: CAP hosts the launch period for H2O Asset Management.

  • August 2008: Sven Miserey Co-Inventor of the latest CME Product: Cleared Interest Rate Swaps.

  • August 2008: CAP Launches the EFA Allenbridge Strategic Alpha Fund.

  • January 2008: CAP's Managing Director Named as co-inventor in a Patent being filed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

  • January 2008: CAP Proceeds with a share capital increase.

  • January 2008: CAP opens representative offices in Geneva.

  • December 2007: CAP signs distribution agreement with 2 additional Fund Managers.

  • December 2007: CAP Petitions the Financial Services Authority for a Variation of Permission to attain the status of Investment Manager.

  • October 2007: CAP goes live with its Risk Overlay Strategy for a Fund of Fund Client.

  • June 2006: Financial Services Authority Authorisation.

  • 6th June 2006: CAP has been Authorised under part IV permission and number 450657.

  • February 2006: CAPITAL ADVISORY PARTNERS Ltd. Registered in England and Wales.