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Investment Management

Coast Freehold Income Fund

In November 2012 CAP launched the Coast Freehold Income Fund, providing access for investors to the long leased English freehold market.

The residential freehold market is a unique investment segment which creates predictable and growing income streams coupled with increasing capital value, whilst shielding investors from the volatility of the underlying property values.

Watch our brief video on residential freeholds

The combined expertise in fund management from CAP and the management of freeholds from RCP, the property management partner in the fund, creates unique access to this specialised asset.

CAP has created a proprietary valuation methodology including an independent expert appraisal of the portfolio assets which benefits investors directly every month by fair and transparent independent pricing.

CAP Sustainable Agriculture Fund

CAP is in the process of preparing the lauch of the CAP Sustainable Agriculture Fund.

The CAP Sustainable Agricultural Fund will be investing in a portfolio of agricultural land, globally diversified by crops and geography, focusing on high and naturally replenishing water resources, strong legal environment and sustainable farming. The Fund will seek to aggregate land and operations in select hubs where we can grow non-commoditised, higher nutritional-value crops. By applying sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices we will also work to improve the environment and mitigate the risks of climate change.

In addition to owning a valuable portfolio of farmland assets, the Fund will seek to develop operational partnerships and joint ventures in its hubs to drive additional sources of return.

Masayume UCITS Funds

In September of 2017, CAP launched the Masayume UCITS in Luxembourg.

Masayume Reflex extends a 12 year track record in a Cayman hedge fund format for a discretionary CTA.

Masayume Marathon draws on the long standing expertise of its manager to create a total return focused globally diversified portfolio.

Masayume Fund website

Green Diamond Managed Accounts

In March of 2016, CAP launched the Green Diamond multi-strategy program on Interactive Brokers' platform.

Ken Kinsey-Quick manages this high conviction multi-asset strategy for HNWI.